From ValHo’s blog ((:

Title : I <3  T17’0910

How I miss our horridly playful class, always coming up with every possible activity other than mugging after lessons.

Pool, Island Creamery, games of basketball, ping pong and many random outings.

How we use every possible break to eat and gossip instead of hardworkingly mugging like we should.

How the Batam OCIP was so apt which totally bonded our class.

How Mel, Jane and me will get caught for our short skirts and me worrying over my brown hair.

How we used to rush to the showers after PE lessons.

How me & Chanel had to stand on 190 after school everyday.

How Chinese Wok tasted.

How PL always desperately tries to tell us that we’re really screwed if we continue being monkeys.

How the econs lecture after break is always nap time.

How everyone’s econs notes are largely blank for a good 2 years.

How we dread double GP periods where we have to write essays.

How we survived Chinese lessons with the most benevolent LaoShi ever.

How Marigold, sorry Mdm Mary Goh, always is so funny but never quite realize it.

How a bunch of us used to coop at Jane’s house attacking her piano/cookies/majong table or playing poker on the floor with strange chips.

How we survived cross-country.

How I realized that Joel is an awesome guy.

How Mel and I would burst out laughing for a long time over something trival.

How Kirti and I look outside the window wanting to take pictures of all the weathers but never got down to it.

How Chanel, Jane, Jan & me march over to LAM every friday to fold clothes and gossip.

How we went all out to sell roses/cupcakes for Interact and cookies for OCIP.

How Cindy is the awesomest and most responsible HTC ever.

How our class suddenly had a beyblade craze nearing A levels and play them in the bin cover.

How Mr Ha is the kindest PE teacher and calls us girlgirl.

How napfa sucks. Well the boys will now say that its nothing compared to IPPT.

How we stayed in school at night for night study and sometimes the free night snack is better than any food our canteen can produce.

How I’m so laden in projects and deadlines now.

What was I complaining about PW back then man? I didn’t know shit.

Now every week is like the pressurizing week before WR submission.

Still remember I was freaking out the night before the deadline to Yikpeng and Joel on msn and both of them were so calm. Then yikpeng got her mom to print the report in black and white and Joel wanted to skip school the next day to get it binded.

And how I’m so glad I kept a part of these wonderful memories with me forever. ❀


I miss those days too ((: Smile 

It was so much more relaxing than now Sad smile

Project . Presentation . Quiz . Presentation . Quiz . Project . ~~~~~~~~  (never ending) Crying faceCrying faceSleepy smileConfused smileBaring teeth smileAnnoyedCrying faceCrying face


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