I am Triangle .


The TRIANGLE PERSON shares some attributes with the Box person. They are also very organised although maybe not to quite the same extent and are very focussed.

The desk of a Triangle person is likely to be relatively clear with a few distinct piles of work placed upon it. It is most definitely not cluttered.

Another defining feature of the Triangle’s nature is their need to appear stylish and ‘keep up with the Joneses’ so to speak. Their offices are usually full of "status symbols" as Triangle’s want only the best i.e. a huge desk, couch, private entrance etc. The walls are likely to be adorned with items demonstrating power, such as awards, degrees and certificates.

The Triangle likes to be the boss and to be in control and is very adept at taking charge, wielding authority over those who are less confident than them. Most leaders are a strong Triangle who, by nature, feel that they are destined to succeed. One of their strengths is the ability to delegate work to others – a key skill for any good manager. Triangles are however, highly opinionated and political and are typically not broad thinkers.

Another of the Triangle’s less attractive traits is their "ambitious self-centredness." Not only can they be self-centred but they are also highly competitive and hate it when they are wrong. Being in the wrong is something that the Triangle finds it very hard to admit.

Typically Triangle’s want things to be done their way, which may explain why they rarely involve others in decision-making. Triangle’s also like to set goals and achieve them, as they are very driven individuals. They also like to get straight to the point and get frustrated with procrastinating Boxes. Furthermore, they feel that promptness for appointments is not sufficient – they feel that they must get there first so that they can scope the situation.

Only the finest restaurants will do where the Triangle is concerned and of course it must be widely known that they go there.


webbie: http://www.psychometricshapes.co.uk/


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