Kenny’s farewell !!


Partyyyyy @ Kee Hao’s place ((: suddenly it was like back to T17 days in CJ . haha ((:

but keeping miself away from alcohol today . need to wake up earlier then usual tmr to study . no clubbing too !! still got exams 😦 I WAN GO !

* EXAMS !! *

* Y U NO LET MI GO ?? *

LOL!! i am juz being lame . okie back to watch shows with mi sis for the night ((:

Econs , i promise i will do mi preparation for you tmr . bye for now ((:

Last Words of a SONE to SNSD

The following is a blog/diary entry by a terminally ill SONE in July 2011, just weeks before SNSD’s solo concerts.

To: Girls’ Generation

You will probably never know who I am..
And you will probably never be able to read this.. ^^
But there’s someone who always diligently reposts my words so perhaps there is a chance.

I first saw you… September 2007… such a long time ago, right?
I bet you guys must also cringe at how you were back then…
Up until then, I had never been a fan of anything…
So how did I end up liking you so much?

I became addicted to cigarettes despite having been in ill-health
and I came to like you guys so much that I began to regret this,
When the first SONE fanclub membership was open… I wondered what the point of going that far would be.
To this day, I regret not joining… and last year, I could not because I came down with a sudden illness…
I regret so much that I couldn’t be more active in supporting you.
I realised too late how amazing it is to hang out with people, the SONE, who loved you and thought dearly of you as much as I did…
And 2008, when joy became horror… I had nobody to console or to be consoled by
But I stoically waited for you. And when it passed… and I saw the teaser for ‘Gee’
I cried silently.

Thank you.. Thank you so much.. Thank you for returning to our side..
But as you began your activities and I came to see you more often…
I began to forget to take care of my own body..

This would have been the first, and last, solo concert that I could have attended..
I’m sorry.. sorry that I don’t even have the strength to attend them now.

From the beginning to the end… I love you all… I wanted to see you…
I have never said “Right now, it’s Girls’ Generation” to you…
And so from now on, as long as my eyes are open and I still breathe, I will keep regretting…

I am not sad that I may have to go to America…
You guys are really famous now… no matter where I go, I can still hear news about you.

To you… I am just one of the hundreds of thousands of SONE…
In a concert arena, I am just one of the hundreds of SONE chanting for you…
On your birthday, I’m just one of the the hundreds of SONE writing letters to you…

Despite all that, I still like it all…
Because I feel your love…
I feel myself thinking so dearly of you, loving you…
Have I ever been a fan of anything this much in my life?
In the precious little time I have left, will I stop being this much of a fan ?
I don’t think so.

You know, even if I’m just one of
Hundreds of thousands… hundreds… I don’t mind.
SONE who say “I love you all forever”…
These really are the amazing people…
I don’t know if anyone else will see me like this, too…
But however I appear… but SNSD! You… all you need to know is this:
No matter where you are, no mater what you do…
We will be cheering you on.
Congratulations on your second solo concert… and I hope that you will stay healthy this year, too.
a SONE among hundreds of thousands

Source: 내사랑단신님. (bestiz)

This person successfully got the tickets to the concert, but was unable to attend. This was because they had to go to America on July 23rd for a last-chance medical treatment, with the SONE saying that this may be the end of the road.
We have not heard from them since.

I have been asked to spread this as wide as possible.
K-SONE are doing their part and spreading this post… so that SNSD can read the final words of a person who loved them so dearly and fulfill the dying wishes of a fellow SONE.

Translated and written by oniontaker

(Taken from SNSD Korean)


Thats all i need now ((:

i used youtube playlist of snsd live performances to last mi for polsc …

and now …

i am using youtube playlist of snsd variety shows to last mi for bgs ((:


wonder what am i going to use for econs and psyc ??


hmm … i wonder wonder wonder *day dreaming away*