Iconserve X’mas gathering ((:

At least this time I didnt got chocolates for gift exchange ((: I got a notebook & an invincible pen !! Oh but someone gave a cny decoration , ‘fu’ , for gift exchange . LOL !!

There were nuggets , ham , chicken wing , ‘cai dao guai’ , pizza , potato salad n of coz log cakes !!! But yesterday was the first time I went to a party, which someone brought alcohol n it was not finished ! Surprised, but this is Iconserve . It wasn’t original a drinking group . Like Hilary said , it used to and , actually still is , a family group ((: I Towards the end of the gathering , aloy started asking about next year comm . But if I join as comm , sub-comm , or even faci , I will be on the chopping board first man !!! Everyone will kill mi . Haha ((: but I want to help !!!!

T17 X’mas boxing day celebration ((:


Gift exchange was epic !!! Bryan received a rabbit puppet, in exchange for his Mascato . Big differences man !!! haha ((: Cindy got Huiyiโ€™s gift with was twister Hopscotch , best part yet , it was bought from Toysโ€™Rโ€™us.I got a relative practical gift which is CHOCOLATES !!!!! LOL! just like daddy ((:

Dinner prepared by Darrenโ€™s parents && it was so good man !!! Chicken , ham , fish , prawn , sotong and pasta . yum yum ((: & we drank some drink called โ€œegg nosโ€ (idk the name leh) taste sweeter than Baileys ((: Too bad mi comp doesnt like mi hp now so cant upload yet ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Cherish what we have …

Juz received a news that my friend passes away . & he is only 18 years old . Still young , a long future ahead of him.ย 

Still remember when we were in secondary school , n our class only had 12 guys and 26 girls . We dun talk often , but you are a close friend I made in secondary school .

We should cherish what we have , to the very second we spend with them . We never know when they will leave us .

Girls’ Generation concert 2011 @ Singapore indoor stadium ** fan account after concert **





Awesome !!!

Queued from 7am … But … It was worth it ((: just 3 rows of ppl from the stage & I saw taeyeon , thk she looked at mi !!! N her acting cute n dorky ((: ahhhhhh !!!!

The first song was “Tell me your wish” !! N I had Yuri , Sunny and YoonA in front of mi ((: n I saw all the girls in front of mi !!

Right now It’s Girls’ Generation !
In the future It’s Girls’ Generation !!
Forever It’s Girls’ Generation !!!

Hyoyeon was up first for solo , with Please don’t stop the music n she is awesome !! Got the ball rolling ((: Then Jessica performed Almost . Her piano playing is so … OMG !! I love it when Jessica sings in english ๐Ÿ˜› next up was Sunny with 3 . Her voice was so cute !! How I wish I could hear her aegyo more ((: To end of the first solo performances was Taeyeon’s & Tiffany’s Lady Marmalade !! How I wish I could rap like fany n sing like our kid leader ๐Ÿ™‚

They sang The Boys in ENGLISH !!! Coz its Singapore ((:

Yuri started the second segment of solo performances with If . She really trained well for that body :$ Seohyun did a tap dance with Stuff like that there . Our Makne is so talented !!! Then Soo Young sizzles the stage with Sway . Man ! She was good B-) & YoonA ended off with 4minutes . She is just added more heat !!

Towards the end Tiffany tried to bluff us that it was the end of the concert , but being Sones we knew better !! So the “last song” became a pretend last song !! Forever ((:

Oh n Jessica was so cute . Tiffany and Hyoyeon had to put her back to place during Gee n she looked so blur .

It is hard to summarise my thoughts n feelings in such few sentences . I cried , esp during Complete & Forever , it’s hard to be able to see my idols in person , them coming to Singapore too !!!

So . Nyuh . Shi . Dae . Sa . Rang . Hey .

The start of my first Uni Hols ((:


GOAL: i want it to be filled with events almost every day , every hour , every minute , every second !!!

okie , the second part is exaggerating. haha ((:

since exams ended on 29th i had events , but sadly is start with working Sad smile after that was strategica retreat and i stayed up for 2days 2nights Smile but slept for 13 hours to replaced 6.5 hours each night . Yesterday I went for Truly Magical  Blood Drive awareness drive till 3 pm

Side track: SMU Red Cross Youth Chapter is organising a blood drive at *Scape level 4 , from 9-11 Dec (Fri to Sun), from 12-6pm !!! Do Come down to support ((:

Then headed to Bedok to join strategica people to play laser tag , unfortunately it rained so we postponed it Sad smile which we spent freaking long to decide whether to postpone and where we want to go . Then we spent another long period to decide where to eat.

Korean buffet. Jap Buffet . Jap restaurant . Macs . BK . Carlโ€™s Junior . so many choices !

Tmr going to Tessaโ€™s house to play board games and Wii .  Then the day after we will be going to karaoke ((: Thurs will be outing with Lixia , Fiona and Valerie. Fri is the actual blood drive and finally !!!!


Canโ€™t wait to watch them live !!!