The start of my first Uni Hols ((:


GOAL: i want it to be filled with events almost every day , every hour , every minute , every second !!!

okie , the second part is exaggerating. haha ((:

since exams ended on 29th i had events , but sadly is start with working Sad smile after that was strategica retreat and i stayed up for 2days 2nights Smile but slept for 13 hours to replaced 6.5 hours each night . Yesterday I went for Truly Magical  Blood Drive awareness drive till 3 pm

Side track: SMU Red Cross Youth Chapter is organising a blood drive at *Scape level 4 , from 9-11 Dec (Fri to Sun), from 12-6pm !!! Do Come down to support ((:

Then headed to Bedok to join strategica people to play laser tag , unfortunately it rained so we postponed it Sad smile which we spent freaking long to decide whether to postpone and where we want to go . Then we spent another long period to decide where to eat.

Korean buffet. Jap Buffet . Jap restaurant . Macs . BK . Carl’s Junior . so many choices !

Tmr going to Tessa’s house to play board games and Wii .  Then the day after we will be going to karaoke ((: Thurs will be outing with Lixia , Fiona and Valerie. Fri is the actual blood drive and finally !!!!


Can’t wait to watch them live !!!

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