Laser tag + MBS ((:

Prior to LaserTag , i walked around I12Katong and it isnt that bad ((: maybe coz i bought 3 books for the price of $20 !!!! Awesome ((: Had Katong Laksa for lunch with Cam and Wilson.

and finally we got to play laser tag . thank you weather ((: i am never going to take the pistols !!! that need accurate aiming and need to go up front . i rather take the medium or long gun ((: then i can hide from far ((:

After that , i followed jonathan and the rest to MBS and i finally get to go up to the skypark ((: the view is so beautiful !!! will upload pics soon ((:

Finally ((:

Went to USS with gwen today ((: full day : 10 – 7 !!!

1 x canopy ride ;
2 x shrek ride , Mummy ride and Transformers ride ;
7 x Clyon ride ;
8 x Human ride !!!

Bought a backpack and a wallet ((: well spent day ((:

Except for that stupid cashier 😦

1st day of 2012


woke up at 10 plus . kind of late , but did loads of stuffs ((:


MBS ArtScience Museum for Titanic & Cartier Exhibition

— Finally got mi wish to visit the museum and it was awesome . i just enjoy viewing such exhibition ((:

Lunch @ Kraze burger at MBS Shoppes

— the burger is huge man . had to eat it separately ((: I want to SHOP/WINDOW SHOPPING at MBS Shoppes !!!

Watch Sherlock Holmes: A game of shadows

— love the mystery ! i want to read the books and watch the first show ((:

Dinner @ Seoul Korean BBQ

— die !!!! today going for another Korean BBQ again !!! haha ((:

Drinks @ Level 33 at Marina Bay financial centre

— the laser show from MBS was so nice . i love Singapore night skyline !!!


Spent mi first day well !!!!

Goodbye 2o11 . Hello 2012

2011 saw …

the β€œrelease” of mi mum’s tight reins .

the first time i had an proper job .

the end of JC with the release of As .

mi first time clubbing .

mi beginning uni life .

the most number of camps i had been to in a year .

a friend’s goodbye .

mi adventure for a higher role in student body .

a not so good GPA for mi first sem .

a D for one of mi mods .

mi first paintball game .



I hope 2012 will be relatively smooth . not the best but at least okie . lets take things one at a time .

i hope …

i will be able to pull up mi grades higher .

be able to do what is expected of mi and more in the SICS 5th exco, as well as Red Cross 11th exco .

hope SMU challenge will pull through .

hope i dun kill miself during summer break .

work on mi relationships in mi family .

improve in mi working relations .


lastly , everyone has good health ((: Stay safe people ((: