Goodbye 2o11 . Hello 2012

2011 saw …

the “release” of mi mum’s tight reins .

the first time i had an proper job .

the end of JC with the release of As .

mi first time clubbing .

mi beginning uni life .

the most number of camps i had been to in a year .

a friend’s goodbye .

mi adventure for a higher role in student body .

a not so good GPA for mi first sem .

a D for one of mi mods .

mi first paintball game .



I hope 2012 will be relatively smooth . not the best but at least okie . lets take things one at a time .

i hope …

i will be able to pull up mi grades higher .

be able to do what is expected of mi and more in the SICS 5th exco, as well as Red Cross 11th exco .

hope SMU challenge will pull through .

hope i dun kill miself during summer break .

work on mi relationships in mi family .

improve in mi working relations .


lastly , everyone has good health ((: Stay safe people ((:

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