SICS Retreat ((:

The last trip of the year 2011.


we went JB for 3D2N retreat (relaxing for 4th exco , work for 5th exco) set off from SMU at around 9plus, reach the hotel in JB around 12 plus . & the first thing on everyone’s mind is LUNCH !!!! we faster dump our bags in the villa then took the bus back to the clubhouse (although we could have walked back. just being lazy)

After that we moved to the event room booked for us , where we started with the “usual” icebreakers – mrt game – need to be fast man or risk getting a red thigh for the rest of the afternoon . Followed by teambuilding games, which we had to think “underneath that surface” to find how it helps us in the future . After dinner was a long discussion of “CASE STUDIES” till 12 plus .

The 2nd day was a whole-day-stay-in-the-event-room discussion !!!!!!! we had numerous breaks for toilet and to “rest our heads” , then back to discussion again . After that we decided to stop and rest for an hour before dinner ((: We went to the golf course and took a “formal” pic to be used for display before our actual photo shoot . We played bowling , and we split , unknowingly , into beginners – intermediate – expert groups . LOL !! At night was just wii-ing all the  way , although it was a bad choice of playing too much raving rabbits since the next day we had to go paintball and carry that damn heavy gun . haha ((:

Final day was mainly paintball . 500 bullets per person !!! insane . i had a hard time using finish the bullets till the jungle (last) round & the place had 3 areas – urban , open and jungle . open was the hardest for mi to aim and shoot , cause couldn’t hid properly , then the guys are simply too fast on reaction to shoot . urban was relatively okie , but i did take note of all mi surrounding , then kena shot . The jungle was epic lor . 4th exco vs. the 5th exco , and we had more bullets . We kept spamming bullets and our strategy was to keep moving in on the 4th exco , but we ended up staying on the 1st area of protections and shooting from there only . at least for this round i didn’t get shot at all but had to run back to get more bullets . Once i could have kena shot , but derrick’s gun jammed then i managed to shot him instead when he risked it and ran towards mi hideout to shoot mi . In the end we kind of won with more bullets left . no win no lose bahh . but the 4th exco are really good .



now is back to reality and work is about to start , SOON !!!!

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