Break Week ((:

Let mi first list what i have done since Monday 7am till Wed 2pm.

Monday – 27th Feb

7am – woke up

9am – shift tables and chairs fro strat back to assets store room

11am – complete mi AW assignment 2A

1245pm – jap buffet with some of SICS exco

330pm – Sing K with strat ppl

730pm – e&b training

1030pm – travel to rotaract chalet at aloha changi

11pm plus – Rotaract Chalet


Tues – 28th Feb

9am – woke up and left for shuttle bus to Pasir ris mrt

12pm – lunch with george and buying of snacks

230pm – check in , play board game with george and eugenia

530pm – buy groceries for BBQ

630pm – preparation of food and starting of fire

730pm – BBQ proper starts((: plus Rock Band, plus Movie, plus board game, plus eating of coz! ((: (till 5 plus in the morning)


Wed – 29th Feb

9am – trying out best to wake ppl up

10am – breakfast at macs

12pm – red cross meeting


I haven been home for a long time !!! i miss mi bed !! ((:


Now for photos :


The food which i prepared with Camelia, in record time of 1 hour ((:


When the rest finally arrived, we started BBQ our food ((: of coz i didnt cook since i prepared most of the food ! haha ((: the boys do the work ((:422263_10150714352594416_531579415_11386442_1158607113_n

Camelia with her 3 course western meal ((: & me toasting honey bread for everyone ((:


Group pic!!!!! before liye and rosalind left for the night .418022_10150714774309416_531579415_11388761_383947732_n

Rock band till the wee hours of the morning ((: and i can only sing songs from mainly one of the four rock-band discs.


LOL @ this pic man ! coz i gave up waking the last two up, Kuo-Hua helped by using the aluminium tray and creating a din >.< haha ((:


Lastly this is George’s teh-o-bing which cost freaking $2 !! and he bought this on 28th feb 2 plus and left it there till we checked out >.<



Time check: 5pm 29th feb

still stuck in school doing work , coz if i go home means …

on to the bed and asleep till tmr morning man >.< haha ((:

mid terms almost over ((:

Awesome ! at least the relatively heavy mods are done ((: now left AW assignment 2a , LTB quiz and STATS test !!!

i am so tired that i juz nua the whole day , but i did do some cca admin work. but still have loads to settle ):


pic 23 

& seriously ~~ what the S*** ~~~~

i have like zero tech skills , barely rmb the names of the equipment le !! [ lucky got training next mon XD ]

& i have 2 freaking exco position !! haix ((:

no having to read between the lines . i dun want to be kept thinking about how someone is going to react or actually mean . and i freaking mean it . i hate it . why cant people be bloody straight-forward??

i want to be that small kid forever ! never have to worry at all ! but it is obviously a wishful thinking by mi .

i want to be away from all these . so bloody irritating . and freaking fake !

Spring Awakening !!


one word : Awesome !

Singapore’s art scenes got hope !!! haha ((: but i felt that the actors and actresses are really good for first timers !! pretty and handsome too ((:

though i personally thought that Adrian Pang and the older female actress were much more impressive. of coz partly they definitely have done musicals before, but to act multiple roles in one musical ??*applause*

& now the song “mama who bore mi” is stuck in mi head !!!!


okie back to studying !!! RMSS midterms tmr & Socio next tues !!

Happy Valentine’s Day !!!


Taken at SMUBE’s Live Radio “Show the Love” ((:

not a huge turnout , except when there is a change in classes. other than that there weren’t much people and our emcee/DJs had to approach any people who walk pass the stage. lucky i am working backstage, won’t get approached by them ((:

& one of mi classmates serenade to mi prof !! out of a dare duh . but haha, damn funny . Then she also requested song dedication from Viox for the class ((:

However this year i have a lot of sweet presents this valentine’s day . sugar overdose man !! haha ((: & thanks Yunxi for the heart shaped balloons ((: Thanks everyone for making my day ((:

Decisions … and more decisions !


This is more or less a good representation of mi brain’s thoughts right now .


other than academics, there is cca stuff to do. There is also outings to plan . mi small schedule book is getting filled up everyday that mi sis doesnt get to see mi till the weekends. and this isnt good !!

but the another pressing issue is whether i should sign up or indicate interest in going for the bursary by North East CDC, where every $10 given to mi is 1 hour of csp to do.

there is two ways of looking at it . one way is that i can get the money to pay of school loans etc, and doing csp is kind of (NOT IS) my 2nd nature. However from the another point of view, if i were to do it this way to get money, it is a SERIOUSLY WARPED IDEA  !! $$ in exchange for service ?!?!?!seriously ?!?!?!?!!!! that completely destroys the meaning of csp to mi !! I know the govt want to promote youth volunteerism and comm service . but i dun feel that they should do it this way .


I think i will drop the idea of applying for this bursary. there is no freaking way i am going to apply for it !