Finally I have the time !!

Seriously . The time I have to post on mi blog is during the 16 min train right . LOL !

This year cny has no cny feel if u ask mi , but thanks to it , last week , I managed to get home early for 2 days (compared to this week , everyday is 10pm). Thankfully the hw load isn’t that heavy too!! Coz I get to watch mi Korean dramas n variety shows ((:
Juz finish the “finishing touch” for year one . OMG !! The prof voice is putting mi to sleep n it was a 7pm lesson ! *kills* but alot of focus on personality n what is my passion . I do hope I can follow mi passion, even if it is going to be hard ((: I dun wan to be left in a job which I dun love (neither do I hate the job ), coz I will be wasting mi precious time. But if I turn out like mi dad , where he does something he is good at and foresake something he loves, I might accept .

Guess it depends .


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