Dream became Reality !!!


My dream came true !!!!
Wait what …

Nope not the painting ! Duh ! I have no artistic talent !!

Hehe is actually my dream (from sleep) become real , not entirely.

Here is what happened during my dream :
I end my work till 3am plus , then I fell asleep with mi computer and notes everywhere. Then it became scary, coz I wasn’t in my body !! I saw myself slept for more than a day !! Till sat 12 pm !! I must really be a pig man ((:
The best part is no one woke mi up at all.  Mummy n Daddy left for work thinking mi lesson is in the afternoon. Mi grandma went out and only came back at night.  At night , no one woke mi up too !! They thought I came home early n slept first ! LOL ((:

The funny part was :
ALL NOTES N MI COMP IS STILL LAYING AROUND UNKEPT !! means that i slept all day.

Dun noe if mi family blur or what , n to think that I was called ‘sotong’ at home .

Now …

Back to reality :
The notes n comp were exactly where it was in my dream.  N I did overslept !! I woke up at 1130 ..  Which meant that I miss mi AW lesson !! Haix 😦

Lesson — dun do awake too late !!


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