Decisions … and more decisions !


This is more or less a good representation of mi brain’s thoughts right now .


other than academics, there is cca stuff to do. There is also outings to plan . mi small schedule book is getting filled up everyday that mi sis doesnt get to see mi till the weekends. and this isnt good !!

but the another pressing issue is whether i should sign up or indicate interest in going for the bursary by North East CDC, where every $10 given to mi is 1 hour of csp to do.

there is two ways of looking at it . one way is that i can get the money to pay of school loans etc, and doing csp is kind of (NOT IS) my 2nd nature. However from the another point of view, if i were to do it this way to get money, it is a SERIOUSLY WARPED IDEA  !! $$ in exchange for service ?!?!?!seriously ?!?!?!?!!!! that completely destroys the meaning of csp to mi !! I know the govt want to promote youth volunteerism and comm service . but i dun feel that they should do it this way .


I think i will drop the idea of applying for this bursary. there is no freaking way i am going to apply for it !


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