Break Week ((:

Let mi first list what i have done since Monday 7am till Wed 2pm.

Monday – 27th Feb

7am – woke up

9am – shift tables and chairs fro strat back to assets store room

11am – complete mi AW assignment 2A

1245pm – jap buffet with some of SICS exco

330pm – Sing K with strat ppl

730pm – e&b training

1030pm – travel to rotaract chalet at aloha changi

11pm plus – Rotaract Chalet


Tues – 28th Feb

9am – woke up and left for shuttle bus to Pasir ris mrt

12pm – lunch with george and buying of snacks

230pm – check in , play board game with george and eugenia

530pm – buy groceries for BBQ

630pm – preparation of food and starting of fire

730pm – BBQ proper starts((: plus Rock Band, plus Movie, plus board game, plus eating of coz! ((: (till 5 plus in the morning)


Wed – 29th Feb

9am – trying out best to wake ppl up

10am – breakfast at macs

12pm – red cross meeting


I haven been home for a long time !!! i miss mi bed !! ((:


Now for photos :


The food which i prepared with Camelia, in record time of 1 hour ((:


When the rest finally arrived, we started BBQ our food ((: of coz i didnt cook since i prepared most of the food ! haha ((: the boys do the work ((:422263_10150714352594416_531579415_11386442_1158607113_n

Camelia with her 3 course western meal ((: & me toasting honey bread for everyone ((:


Group pic!!!!! before liye and rosalind left for the night .418022_10150714774309416_531579415_11388761_383947732_n

Rock band till the wee hours of the morning ((: and i can only sing songs from mainly one of the four rock-band discs.


LOL @ this pic man ! coz i gave up waking the last two up, Kuo-Hua helped by using the aluminium tray and creating a din >.< haha ((:


Lastly this is George’s teh-o-bing which cost freaking $2 !! and he bought this on 28th feb 2 plus and left it there till we checked out >.<



Time check: 5pm 29th feb

still stuck in school doing work , coz if i go home means …

on to the bed and asleep till tmr morning man >.< haha ((:


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