Another G.N.O :P


All the un-glam pictures,

Individual shoots with birthday girl,

Failed birthday surprise,

Hello Kitty birthday cake with melted 19 candles,

& Monopoly Deal accompanied with a bottle of Baileys!


This time mi outing was to celebrate our dear HuiYi Leeโ€™s 20th Birthday ((: we wanted to light up the all the candles and surprise HuiYi but all the candles melted before she came ): as long as HuiYi like it can le ((:

After that, we nua-ed at MFM for about an hour plus chatting like nobodyโ€™s business and the staff had to hint to us to left the place as there was a long queue outside ((: But then we still had to walk around till 8pm before we could go to Cindyโ€™s place.

Finally we got to Cindyโ€™s place and continue chatted while playing Monopoly Deal and drink Baileys ((: but i had to leave early coz need to complete work, since got meeting tmr!


okie back to doing work now ((:

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