fun start to summer ((:

spent mi MONDAY in the room doodling and watch mi over-dued dramas .

cleared half of sics room and catch a movie with the sics exco on TUESDAY.

had red cross exco gathering to sing karaoke today (WEDNESDAY); attended convocation show team gathering; and of course had sics exco meeting after 3 weeks … omg that was how long ago our last meeting was man !!

tomorrow (THURSDAY) will be having meeting with debating n osl, followed by lunch with jeanetta – super long since i last met up with her— and hilary, and then attend pre-ocsp packing cum briefing cum planning cum khmer lessons and then i will head off to “game on” retreat.

pre-ocsp packing continues on FRIDAY and then i will head off for be agm, before i return to “game on” retreat to participate in the fake-real escape game ((:

yeah party on SATURDAY ! xinni’s 21st b’dae ((:

pre-ocsp fund-raising carwash on SUNDAY at kallang. i have not washed a car before !! haha ((: wonder how it will turn out. then i will head off and join fiona, val and lixia for gathering.

chilling session with iconserve team on NEXT MONDAY @ red dot ((:

NEXT TUESDAY is mi only completely free dday with mi sis !! might bring her for movies ((:

First aid training from NEXT WEDNESDAY to NEXT FRIDAY, with sics camp org comm meeting on NEXT FRIDAY at night.

NEXT SATURDAY got nothing on but i guess last min checking of ocsp backpack .

& NEXT SUNDAY fly off to cambodia for ocsp !!! ((: super excited !!


after i come back from ocsp … BAM!!! all the camps and convocation planning starts !! oh man … BRACE MISELF !! haha ((:

[Updated] SM Releases ‘Dear My Family’ OST Track & MV

Love SM Family ((: Esp.Taeyeon ((:

SNSD Korean

[Updated with music video & translated lyrics]

To add to our excitement for SM Town’s upcoming movie, ‘I AM’, SM has released the OST track, ‘Dear My Family’ along with its music video. SM’s artists, members from Girls’ Generation, SHINee, TVXQ, Super Junior, f(x), EXO-K, EXO-M,  Kang Ta, and BoA have come together to participate in this soft and beautiful track.

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Summer ! Here i come ((:


Yes finals is finally over and i can start watching all mi dramas and variety … al except studying >.<


plus i managed to complete mi cross-stitch pooh pencil case last night ((:

cross-stitched-- pooh pencil case


and did some random drawing for mi OCSP , since i have already finished mi exams((:



and to end this post with mi lovely name !!


impending deadlines !!!

Deadline for rmss is in two days !! need to finish my part then let the rest vet , and we can submit tmr !! ((:

&& deadline for sociology is 4 days away. Same , just have to do the conclusion for sociology and let mi team vet again before submitting ((:


Then it is off to studying for finals !! like the pic before –>

coffee & studying

its starting …

Photo_00002 (2)

the late night “rushing of work” is starting again !! once tmr is over , i can focus on mi last two reports, then i can focus mi full attention on mi finals !! freaking need to score in finals man ):


&& i will always have POOH to accompany mi , as well as mi music !!