Project Koh Kor (PKK) Part 1 : The Beginning

Day one:

My last meal with my family. My last proper meal !!

Had slight problems in checking in because the airport staff told us that it was possible to check in separately so as to ease the crowd. Since i already had my lunch, i accompanied the rest to have their lunch. But it was a super rushed one for them since we had to board the plane soon.

Boarded the plane and slept almost immediately ! haha 😛 guess i was too tired. luckily my sleeping position was okie, but Hilary … haha … got un-glam shots of her taken by others. During the transit at Siem Reap, i went to buy Blue Pumpkin Bailey’s !! ohh i missed that taste ((: Got delayed at the airport, because too many planes being deferred to Phnom Penh from Ho Chi Minh.

After a king while, we managed to get to Phnom Penh eventually, but the trouble is not over 😦 we got stuck at the airport as we were carrying too many new clothes (which were clothes that we wanted to donate to the village) and there is tax to pay. But our dear Leader Aloysius managed to reduce our tax from 480 USD to 40 USD , thanks to all the skills he had learn from SMU so far ((:

After that, we boarded the bus and arrived at our hotel ~ !! like a finally !! put down our stuff and headed for dinner . but the restaurant was closed. so we had to go some nightclub-looking restaurant. n all we see was girls going up the stage and singing , plus all the songs they sang were oldies ((:


Day two:

woke up early for breakfast. after that we wanted walk to odyssey market to get some of the necessaries, but our dear leaders lead us in the wrong direction. inthe end we took a tuk tuk to the market. We went to buy gas refuel (which ended up being the wrong one) and farmer hats too. wanted to get some rice bags but couldnt find any till Eugene glance upon a stall. haha and the main objective of mi ocsp started : Stirring Aloy’s Shit !!!!


We walked back to the supermarket to buy all the staple food for our breakfast and dinner. we spent a long time trying to decide what we needed and what was more worth the price. Eugene’s famous words when marketing: “Big Quantity, Small price!!” because of that, he and mi swopped the biscuits for 3 times.

We went back to the hotel, had a quick bath and we gathered in one room to discuss our meal plans . we let Kenny g do the recording , but apparently he didnt know how to spell a lot of food. Haha !! and we kept giving him the wrong spelling !!  haha ((: After the meeting, we brought all the food to the lowest level (which is also our level) to repack for us to bring to the island. And since it is on our floor , all the food get dumped into our room !!


Day Three:

We took a bus ride to the ferry. the slope is very steep but not too bad. we took the ferry (though it is actually two sampan with planks on top) to the school , exactly at the school’s doorsteps. We loaded all our items into our stall room and resorted the clothes to count the quantity. Then we went to level 2 to wash our sleeping area, before tying the comms cord , which is clothes line for us.

At night, we cooked Dan Dan mian, which was very soggy coz they left it in the water too long. & the meat wasn’t tenderised before cooking , so tough !!

& since it was the first night, we had powder bath !! of coz being our first time, we were a bit nervous . haha ! seeing one another , almost naked. i bet the guys could still hear us from level 1. since there were no lights at night, by 6 plus it was super dark, so we started to sleep at 7.30pm. But the music from the wedding (which we later found out was played using 12 speakers !! wth !!) kept us awake, so we did what we did in camps … HTHT ((: all the way till 12 plus



to be continued …..


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