PKK Part 2: The digging !!



Day four:

Thanks to the morning sun, we woke up at 5 am. Had bread and jam with milo for our first breakfast, followed by an island tour by Sarmut. saw a lot of old houses which needed restoring, as well as one restored by SMU roots in 2011. To add on to our trip , we passed by a lot of LAND MINES !! haha !! but it isnt the one literally one, but cow poop 😦

We started our digging work , where we had to dig 30cam deep, under the scorching sun. Some of our members used it as an option to vent their anger !! super funny how they did it .

After that we finally got to bath, coz some of us got sand on our backs, and the water we bathed in was the ground water which is cancerous, if we drank it fro 10-15 years continuously.

Our cooks made us Fried Rice, which look more like porridge with egg, mushroom and luncheon meat. But it was still good ((:

After dinner, a group of us went to visit the wedding, as we wanted to know how a Cambodia wedding is like. & guess what we found … 12 speakers !! no wonder it was so loud ! loud to the extent that the whole island can hear.

thought i could have a good sleep, which i used up a lot of energy during the day, but thanks to aloy , i kept waking up. seriously !! almost every hour , he walks to the chair and sit down !!


Day five:

Had bread for breakfast again!! partly coz the bread expires on that day itself, or was it the day before ?? hmm … bad memory.

The digging con’t, but we digged more than we planned to . we carried the pulps up the stairs from the ferry. The villagers sold can drinks to us , 2 for 1USD, and everyone rushed to get non-gassy drinks!! super funny , the whole scene!

We did our laundry for the first time. The girls did our laundry together, coz of *uhm*. we sunned our mattresses too, coz of the morning dew, which made some of the beds wet.

During our afternoon digging, we started to stir someone else’s shit: Kenny g !! It all happened when the drink aunty came and said, “Hot ! Hot”, which meant tired in Khmer. but being us, we stirred the drink aunty and kenny g ((:

When we went back , we rushed for the shower, but luckily i got the key to the storeroom, so i managed to bath first ((: That night we started using mosquito net , so when we entered the net, we had to shoo all the insects away and secured the nets >.< Then the next instant, Hilary shouted, “ Houston Jiu Wo” !! haha ((: Hilary’s and Aaron’s net(they slept in the same net) had two wasps !! Our “Daddy” Eugene had to help get it out of their tent and he did it super fast ((:


Day Six:

Oh !! we had something different time round ((: MACARONI for breakfast, but a bit bland. We had curry chicken for lunch and Eugene made syrup for everyone to drink. We used the time during afternoon break to pack our bag for tmr’s (Sat’s 1 day RnR) outing.

When we went back to digging in the afternoon, Aloy and Houston kept disturbing mi that i study sociology , but cut the root and throw back into the trench, when i could throw it away. then i throw sand at him !! almost hit his … haha ((: Oh and we finish digging at day , which made our RnR tmr more worth it !! but then mi shoe gave way, which meant that i needed to get a new shoe!! LOL ! i wanted to throw away mi shoe and go back with no shoe de , but too bad 😦

Had salty meat and sweet&sour pork for dinner ! After bath, we went to our nets. coz the rest were still preparing their stuff, Eileen and mi HTHT in our own net. got to know Eileen better ((:

Entertainment of the night: Aloy and Marcus massaging one another, but it sounded very wrong !! haha >.<


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