PKK Part 3: The temporary Getaway ((:


Day 7:

We woke up and did our laundry before we boarded the ferry to go over to the other side of the river. We arrived at the hotel. But we decided to go for massage first, then we bathed and go for lunch at our usual restaurant. We went pre-ordered our food to avoid delay ((: we ordered extra food , till our bill increased by 50% >.<

We went to Central market first. Bought miself a shoe and the scarfs (which ah bo wanted). and i found a SUPER NICE drink !!! Green Tea with Pomegranate !! omg ((: super nice ((: Then we headed to Russian market. Jerrold insisted that he will find the mahjong site since i mentioned that i might want to buy it . Like seriously ~~ we also not on R&R yet. Aloy bought for us mango and roasted bananas to try. super awesome feeling man ((: like first time tasting fruits !!!Then Aaron intro sugarcane with lime . another super nice drink ((:

After that Aloy brought us to KFC, and we realised that the rest were already there from the start. Since we didn’t had much to buy at the Russian market, we called for the bus and went to the supermarket to buy our groceries for the special meal. Went back to the hotel to relax for the next 2 hours. Watched Wipeout Canada and 101 ways to get eliminated to kill time.


At night, we went Hotel Harimawi for β€œbuffet” dinner, which was quite little actually. The hotel was a family business set up by Singaporean. Super high class, five star, and we cant afford to stay in there. Then we bus-ed back to take the ferry back to the island. it was super dark, and the boatmen needed to use torchlight to try and find the steps to the school.We got stuck at the steps for awhile, as we waited for Mr Kon to open the gate. While we were settling back into our sleeping areas, Mr Kon on-ed the generator for us to use some electricity to see in the dark.

Though i rested for a day, i was still too tired and kept answering wrongly 😦 but i still stirred Weiqi and Jerrold ((:


The four heavenly Kings !! ε››ε€§ε€©ηŽ‹ ((: