PPK4–to end of my posts about my OCSP trip

realised that i didn’t complete my posts about PKK after “PKK3: The Temporary Getaway”. by right the follow up were “ PKK4: back to serving the village” & “PKK5: the Reward and Relaxation time”. Shall do a mini wrap up for both and the OCSP as a whole.

We moved on to reconstructing the walls of the house and teaching the children English and Hygiene. For the first two days, we had the guys’ help in taking care of the kids with us, which helped to lighten out load.. like tremendously !! haha. i also had a small girl who likes to stick around with me when it was play time. The girls like to braid our hairs or simply tie up our hair. When the guys started working on the houses first, the six girls nearly died. After the whole morning of teaching and playing with the kids, we went up to our sleeping quarters and just slept on the floor. We didn’t even realised whether anyone walked past us.

The following day we went along with the guys to help them complete the restoring of the walls, as we didn’t want the family to live in a wall-less house because of our ineffectiveness. the method to build the wall is seriously tedious.

Step 1: lay the bamboo poles according to the various measurements.

Step 2: hammer nails into each intersection and must hammer through completely

Step 3: lay the banana leaves on to the bamboo structure with consistency.

Step4: hammer another set of bamboo poles onto of the banana leaves and you are almost done.

Step 5: tie the wall to the concrete structure of the house.

On the last day of our stay there, we helped to cook a meal for the entire village. I followed the market team to cross the river and buy the goods. (20KG OF PORK !!! OMG) chopping the meat was hard too! since i don’t know how to cook, i just help to give out milk to the kids instead. When the food was all cooked, we got all the kids to sit down while my team served all of them and fan the smoke away.  [side note: the smoke is freaking poisonous. burn from plastic >.<] The most chaos thing was the distribution of clothes. typical scene where they rushed for the clothes. something we can’t really do about.




for R&R in Phnom Penh, we went Cambodia Brewery, Free bird bar, Russian Market and more. Then we took a bus to Siem Reap, where i had a hard time sleeping coz of a baby. Of coz, going to Siem Reap the best thing is Ang Kor Wat ((: This time i get to see the sunrise ((: super nice !!!




My third OCSP and i still find it enriching. Because of the new environment and a different team that i am with. I want to go on more OCSP, but i think there might not be a lot of changes for mi to join many in SMU. Might look into joining some after Uni or just form a team on my own and do a simple OCSP trip ((: for now… studies first !! haha ((:

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