it is so hard to change people’s thinking.


keep hearing the same convo for 2 weeks and i am almost on the verge of confronting the person. maybe it is because the person is talking about something close to my heart and that is community service.

i mean is it that hard to send an email over to the HR dept? if you so desperately want your hours only ( i mean you only seem to care about hours) then why didn’t you make an effort to remember when you came. Challenge is similar to iConserve where:

1) there is fundraising every weekend and it is likely to be at  a different location each time

2) there isn’t a lot of beneficiary visit and it is done fortnightly (if i didn’t remember wrongly). so it will be at a certain day of the month, like the 1st B.V is on 7th July, then the next is 21st July… so it likely to be either the first part of the month or the later part of the month.

Even if you have the right mind-set (i.e. doing community service because you want to do a good deed for the society) and you just dun want to be discounted of your hours, i dun see a point for you to keep harping about it each week. honestly it just boils down to you and typing a few words into the freaking (omg i shouldn’t be saying it out loud but i can help it >.< ) email and hit the send button !


this is how i feel right now!





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