Finally got to study with Jeanetta!


We did it completely impromptu. She messaged yesterday and we quickly block out the date and time.

We tried to find a table, but there wasn’t any. Even if there was, there was no plug. #lifeofaToshibacomp So it resulted to sitting on the floor near a plug. Started on our work, but of course we drifted of to stalking people on FB 😛 We did went back to work, but i got consumed by my inbox. had a lot of emails to reply >.<

talked about exchange and GPA. i think it is pretty much settled that we will go on exchange together. & it is either Hong Kong or Korea. Come to think of it, she is the longest friend i had in SMU, apart from Han Meng. Since FTB (my 2nd camp) till now. constantly in contact with one another and going to have lots of classes together.

We did another impromptu thing: watch a movie. Movie was kind of the main reason why we asked one another out in the past and i am glad we managed to catch a movie this time. But … it also helped me confirmed that i am not inclined to watch horror shows with Jeanetta. We will scare one another first (: hahaha .

Once upon a December ~


Korea !!

i want it to be 16th December and i don’t have any thing to worry about. I would be on the plane to Korea for a week of family time ((:

December i would be free to think things through and not be bothered with my academics. *really hope my GPA don’t suffer*

Parenting in Asia or… well maybe parenting for my family ((:


Tiger Mum. Teddy Bear Mum. Rabbit Mum. Dolphin Mum.

I think apart form the first two the rest… i have no idea what it means or refer to. From my understanding i think my mum is Tiger Mum and my dad is Teddy Bear Dad. But this only last till JC. Once i entered tertiary education, they both became Teddy Bear Mum and Dad. and i emphasized that it is was SUDDEN CHANGE! I think if they forgot that too strict parenting previously would need a more gradual release on the control. Of course i prefer the Teddy Bear parenting than Tiger parenting. I mean if you compare the process and consequences,who does want Teddy Bear parenting.

I think it is because Asian has a more conservative culture. Parents are more controlling of how their children should behave. wanting them to behave like how they should at their age. Score well in exams, don’t focus on relationship (even better no relationship please) and gain as many skills as possible (reminds me of the video prof showed us where the Hong Kong parent are finding 7 extra lessons, outside of academics, LITTLE. i repeat LITTLE! i find that TOO MUCH!)

As for my sister  and me, what can i say~ When you have more than one children and the age gap is so far apart, the parenting style for both is different. They tried what they thought was good for me (natural for first kid) and learn from there. I think i am learning at the same time with them. What my sister gets now and how we punish her is very different. no physical punishment all reasoning and i find reasoning hard. sometimes, to me, is just logical and it is JUST LIKE THAT.

We all are learning and we never stop. There is no one perfect way of parenting.

entering another year of work.


there is a lot of questions being posted to the us, as a top 5. a lot of questions which i don’t think we are able to answer now. we are suppose to handle a few projects at the same time, but i still believe tackling things one at a time. Especially with the Co-opt and Challenge recruitment. We need to think it through properly as we are going to work with this people for 1 year.

SNSD to Perform at SBS K-pop Super Concert in America

I hope the fan cams would come up soon after the performance ((: Super love concerts! and this just reminds me that I can;t go for SMTown III. Sad-ed much 😦

SNSD Korean

Our ladies are headed back to America!  They will be performing as part of the “SBS K-pop Super Concert in America” on November 10th!  It will be held at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre in Irvine, CA, which seats about 15,000 people.  Tickets are to go on sale October 4th.  If you want to see some of the top K-pop groups all at once, and you live in Socal, this is definitely the concert for you!  Good luck and hopefully you can get tickets!


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