Parenting in Asia or… well maybe parenting for my family ((:


Tiger Mum. Teddy Bear Mum. Rabbit Mum. Dolphin Mum.

I think apart form the first two the rest… i have no idea what it means or refer to. From my understanding i think my mum is Tiger Mum and my dad is Teddy Bear Dad. But this only last till JC. Once i entered tertiary education, they both became Teddy Bear Mum and Dad. and i emphasized that it is was SUDDEN CHANGE! I think if they forgot that too strict parenting previously would need a more gradual release on the control. Of course i prefer the Teddy Bear parenting than Tiger parenting. I mean if you compare the process and consequences,who does want Teddy Bear parenting.

I think it is because Asian has a more conservative culture. Parents are more controlling of how their children should behave. wanting them to behave like how they should at their age. Score well in exams, don’t focus on relationship (even better no relationship please) and gain as many skills as possible (reminds me of the video prof showed us where the Hong Kong parent are finding 7 extra lessons, outside of academics, LITTLE. i repeat LITTLE! i find that TOO MUCH!)

As for my sister  and me, what can i say~ When you have more than one children and the age gap is so far apart, the parenting style for both is different. They tried what they thought was good for me (natural for first kid) and learn from there. I think i am learning at the same time with them. What my sister gets now and how we punish her is very different. no physical punishment all reasoning and i find reasoning hard. sometimes, to me, is just logical and it is JUST LIKE THAT.

We all are learning and we never stop. There is no one perfect way of parenting.

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