Finally got to study with Jeanetta!


We did it completely impromptu. She messaged yesterday and we quickly block out the date and time.

We tried to find a table, but there wasn’t any. Even if there was, there was no plug. #lifeofaToshibacomp So it resulted to sitting on the floor near a plug. Started on our work, but of course we drifted of to stalking people on FB 😛 We did went back to work, but i got consumed by my inbox. had a lot of emails to reply >.<

talked about exchange and GPA. i think it is pretty much settled that we will go on exchange together. & it is either Hong Kong or Korea. Come to think of it, she is the longest friend i had in SMU, apart from Han Meng. Since FTB (my 2nd camp) till now. constantly in contact with one another and going to have lots of classes together.

We did another impromptu thing: watch a movie. Movie was kind of the main reason why we asked one another out in the past and i am glad we managed to catch a movie this time. But … it also helped me confirmed that i am not inclined to watch horror shows with Jeanetta. We will scare one another first (: hahaha .


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