Power struggle


Every time I start working with a new group of people, iIam always very cautious about who is more dominating when making decisions, who are the super quiet ones, etc. I would always need to thread carefully about this people, not wanting to belittle anyone or overlook anyone.

I think I need to learn to be more of a team player and not wanting to lead all the time. Though the person might not be performing very well as a leader, I should not always step in and try to lead the team. Especially when I strictly rejected running for that role.

I think always being a project leader is not a very good thing. I would not be specialised in any area, even if I am interested in it. I start to think about these when i am recruiting people for SICS Co-opt and SMU Challenge committees. If i had been through the interview that i conducted, I would not have any experiences and I would have been employed just because of my personality. As a project head, you can have all the ideas but you dun get to do a lot of hands on job. well may be the area that a project head can be specialised in is talking nonsenses and getting people to temporarily believe in your cause. But for me, even though I was a project leader, I am so poor in grammar and vocab that my communication sucks too. That’s the one thing I do want to improve on badly, but every project i want to join… I just can’t afford to join corp comms team, because there is just too much to lose if i make any mistake.

sigh. power struggle makes life sucks.

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