SICS 5th Exco: the journey

appre night 18Our work retreat in Dec: the first time we got together to do work. and play too ((: that was when we first started to things were more rosy then …

appre night 19

appre night 13The first event we did together for SICS was to paint the pillar, so call making our mark for SICS in SMU!! We had a hard time painting the whole pillar and trying to capture all the clubs in SICS as one.

appre night 17 SICS 4th AGM was our first formal event as 5th Exco and we were also introduced to the clubs officially at the start of our year.

appre night 3Photo Shoot: we had a hard time trying to come up with a theme, so we settled with white top and jeans for casual shoot.

 appre night 11Presidential Summit: quite last min planning but we managed to pull through and see the event through. played games with the clubs and ,of course, had 2 hours plus of info overload session.

appre night 10

appre night 12SMU Open house: yet another event to display SICS and our clubs. Had quite some fun as i met a few of my juniors, who no doubt kept commenting that i am back in the same field of work >.<

appre night 16 Our own SICS chalet: Finally we had one, but it was the only one. Camelia and I prepared the food in the shortest amount of time that we could and just in time when the rest arrived. Played rock band through the night, while some watched the videos that i brought. One of the fun time we had as an exco.

appre night 9Mid-Term review with the clubs: had a bit of problem with the printing of the info sheets. spent quite a bit, which i have yet to collect back to date. Meeting the clubs was something quite rare for me in sem 1, the previous exco of some clubs just refuse to meet hmm.  Got to know some of them better and on a more personal level, rather than just work((:

appre night 15 Xin ni’s birthday: ahhh !! winnie the pooh theme. I want for my 21st too !! haha ((:

appre night 20 SICS Camp 2012: Cassiopeia : the one camp i definitely wanted to join !! enjoyed the slack yet filled with loads of fun camp. Did HR post, where i got to interact with super load of freshies. though there are some i come to dislike when sem started πŸ˜›appre night 21

appre night 6

appre night 5 SICS Day 2012: New initiative by the 5th Exco.  was also a campaigning ground for the candidates for the 6th SICS top management.  In my point of view, it was just another opportunity for me to meet up with the clubs, cause we were to promote club activities during the event. 

appre night 4

appre night 7

appre nightMarking the end of the 5th exco’s year: decided to have it outside of school, but near. the place may be small but it was conducive. K-pop theme was something i wanted for along time . hehe thank god they agreed ((: as usual since it was a traddition, as part of the 6th MC, we had to perform. this time a short performance as we expected the space to be very small. wanted to interact more but i had meeting in school. wish i could enjoyed the last official gathering better with the 5th Exco.

appre night 2

appre night 8 I would always remember the gong cha requests on FB and whatsapp, every time someone is near a gongcha outlet before he or she comes to sch ((:

appre night 14

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