My favourite 90’s past time

power ranger

That is Mighty Morphine Power Ranger! The one show that got me through my childhood ((: well after that was Charmed 😛


The original cast with i love the most out of all the teams ((: and of course, since i kind of favour pink a lot, my favourite is the Pink Ranger, Kimberly. It has never changed. i remember getting a Pink Ranger birthday cake on my 4th  or was it 5th, birthday celebration in my kindergarten and Gwen was there to celebrate it too ((:

mmpr-rg-kimberlypower ranger 2Power Rangers the Movie Poster

power ranger 3

Since i am an avid fan … of course i watched the two power ranger movie ((: haha and both had Kimberly in it ((: Love it when they kick asses !! haha. so cool ((:


Been watching a few special episodes recently 😛 and the latest season on screen too, Power Rangers Super Samurai.  Love the Pink Ranger, Mia too ((: but still Love Kimberly more ! haha !




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