My holiday is coming…


Yeah it is coming !!! finally ((: 22++ hours more to go. hehe!

and of course i would definitely keep myself busy as usual… lets see, once exams is over …

there is the 5th SICS exco gathering, hopefully it doesn’t run then we can fly kites at Marina Barrage.

2 work retreat for SICS: SMU Challenge and SICS 6th MC. My head is going to hurt a little before my real holiday starts. Need to really pen things down, i kind of don’t want things to happen the same way it did this year. & the MC is also is always bringing in a lot of different ideas, need to find an equilibrium as soon as possible. 

After that, I have A Truly Magical Christmas (Blood Donation Drive) for over  two weekends.*pray hard* we hit our target and that the event goes on well.

On 16th Dec midnight, that’s when my holiday starts 😛 Korea, here i come! My sis and i are already starting to create a list of items that we want to get. but first winter clothes and prep needs to be done. need to go shopping, if i can even find time ((:

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