Seoul pretty ~~

seoul 1

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Day 1: Seoul – Jeju Island

Took a midnight flight in South Korea. When we arrived, we had not seen snow yet but i shall be patient and wait.

We visited a palace where we saw a how a King’s room and a Queen’s room looked like. After that, we went to Dong Dae Mun market and, of course, shopping had to be done. Our tour guide brought us to a ginseng foot therapy session, which included a ginseng facial session. As we left the bus for the foot session without a coat, we rush to 7-11 to get banana milk while waiting for the bus to come.

That very night we took a flight to Jeju Island and i slept through out, as i was too tired.

seoul 3

seoul 4

seoul 5

Day 2: Jeju Island

First stop was at a folk village where most drama was filmed at. We also saw snow for the first time!!!! hehe. The bus driver played SNSD Japan Arena tour on bus as it was going to be a long journey to the tangerines farm. At the tangerine farm, we were allowed to pluck 2 tangerines per person. I just pluck whichever i felt right for me, while my cousin was busy trying to pluck the largest tangerine. She failed at it terrible, cause the top part of the skin was removed when she plucked the tangerine and it was not sweet too. In the end the small the tangerine was, the sweeter it tasted >.<

We arrived at Sunshine peak  mountain. I climbed halfway and stop, too high up man. I bought my first hot coffee from Starbucks. and man i tell you, each shop is 3 storey high – a building – it is either the land is too big or the company is so much money to buy the building. We headed to the Trick Art Museum. The place was filled with a lot of paintings for visitors to take pics with.

Our tour agency brought us to take an ATV ride. but it suddenly snowed so hard and we had to cut the ride short as the snow hit our faces quite painfully. I realised that i had rather took an ATV ride in the mud than in the snow.

seoul 6

seoul 7

Day 3: Jeju Island – Daegu

Took a morning plane to Daegu. When we arrived, my uncle’s luggage was spoilt and  the airline gave him a token of 20,000 won with a letter for him to claim insurance. We went to visit the Unified Buddha before we headed to the spa valley. Couldn’t go swimming due to lady’s problem so i went sauna instead and stayed in there for about 45 mins – just sleeping. and OMG everyone, okie maybe just Koreans, was just walking nude in the locker room. to end the spa experience, we had our hand at fish spa.I guess my leg is not very clean, cause i attached a lot and i do mean A LOT of fish. hahahhahahahaha  ((:

seoul 8

seoul 9

seoul 10

seoul 11

seoul 12

Day 4: Daegu – Ski Resort

Before we headed to the Ski Resort, we made a stop at Applease Wine Factory. We got to fill our own bottle with apple wine and sealed it personally. We even got own photo pasted onto the wine bottle.

We arrived at the ski shop to get jacket, pants, goggle and ski gloves. We took our first few polaroids. Our dear Sam fell and wasted one polaroid.

Day 5: Ski Resort – Seoul

Wasn’t feeling well in the morning, and found out from my uncle that it was all the spicy (acidic) food so i need to lay off the kimchi. I just skied  for awhile,  cause i fell too many times, then i decided to go and rest due to girl crisis. We took the grandola, which was actually just the cable car, to the very top of the ski mountain. SUPER COLD !!!!

seoul 13

seoul 14

Day 6: Seoul
The breakfast i had that morning was like lunch. Koreans really eat a lot and yet they are so slim. How do they do it?!  We had kimchi making session and we also wore the hanbook. After that we visited the ginseng museum, but due to the experience pricing my family didn’t think it was worth it.

After that we went to The Face Shop and ended up leaving with a luggage, which you only get when you spend 500,000 won. I thought that was overspending but a China family proved me wrong. The China family bought 5 luggage worth of products >.<

I finally got to buy my SNSD stuff @ Myeong Dong street. hehe ((: but at Myeong Dong street, every turn i took on the street i see cosmetic shops. Korea and their cosmetics.

At the evening, we went Lotte World. We took the Gyro Drop (gravity drop), Gyro Swing (rotating version of Viking) and Viking.  As there was too little time and too many people, we could only took a few rides. The next time i go Korea again, i am going to spend lots of time at Lotte World, Everland and Carribean bay ((: That’s a promise to myself!

seoul 15

seoul 16

Day 7: Seoul – Singapore

The last day at Korea. We visited the Amethyst factory and the Hello Kitty Cafe. The whole cafe is fully decorated with hello kitty accessories. so pink. i wish it was my house. haha!! Had a caramel latte and rested there.

Before we left, our tour guide told me about some university, particularly Yonsei University (which does a lot of English speaking classes). Thankfully i checked OASIS and SMU does partner Yonsei University!!!!! just have to hope i get accepted when i apply.

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