getting into the rhythm of work


This is my don’t-know-how-many late night le. I think i need to start applying the gold eye bag remover >.< I know i was previously complaining in my blog or on Facebook or on Twitter about how things are not going my way and putting myself in all the misery. well i just got β€œwoken up” by a sudden realisation that i should not be put down by all this troubles. I should take up the challenges and try to put things back on track (or at least somehow get both parties to compromise)

I think this year would be a better year. The 6th SICS MC really is a very fun-loving bunch of people, who never really made me regret re-running for  SICS MC again. Even though we have arguments, we still understand and work together to serve the clubs under us. Our MC is also provides listening ear for one another, especially Jie Qi when she complains about her Cherry QQ! haha ((:

I should get back to my work now …