when was the last time i posted ??

2013-02-14 17.30.23

This past month has been so hectic for me. I am super behind time and I somehow lost some motivation to do work. Any work for matter of fact.

For Challenge,the last two weeks was internal fundraising for Lion’s Befrienders. Sold onde-onde, kueh, retro biscuits and  challenge merchandise shirt. We wanted to outshine the rest of the booths, so we borrowed a projected to play our slideshow to entice people to buy stuff from us. Haha 😛 This week we even brought the Fender too 😛 HAHAHAHAHA. Oh but sub-comm recruitment is super slow >.< thinking of ending it next Friday but afraid that i might not be able to get enough people. So sianz.

In SICS MC, there is more good news amidst the bad news. We met into some problems with one of our clubs and a prof. But thankfully it is under sontrol right now. and I honestly don;t have the time to bother about that, as i have to settle the summer camps and iConserve too 😦 Oh this year, we got sponsorship sub-comm so SICS as a whole would likely to get more sponsors and our welfare drive plans would be more or less going to happen ((:

Academic wise… as mentioned got a lot of back log, which I have to use the weekends to clear. And something funny happen for me. I though MPW’s project would be more easy to do and work with the group as compared to CAT’s project. In the end, it was the opposite! LOL! However I really need to start focusing more on academics, with the project dateline coming closer and mid-terms too X)

Oh one thing that I am really happy so far is that i have left CNY eve and first 3 days entirely to my family and no one else ((: all the visiting, reunion dinner, CNY party for relatives and movie outing… super fun, even though it was like any typical family day that i had better, and even though it was an entire replicate of past year’s CNY celebrations 😛 HAHAHAHAHA!

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