Soshi Ballads

good source of soothing songs while studying ((:

SNSD Korean

I’ve been listening to a lot of SNSD songs these past few days or weeks(?), and for some reason, I started to listen more and more to the more relaxing songs, rather than the upbeat ones. I used to spam IGAB, Gee, Oh! and all the other title songs on my computer while doing assignments and projects, because it’s just keeps me awake. But when it comes to those songs that are meant to make you wind down, close your eyes, sit back and just chill, I was reminded once again how talented SNSD really are in this area. Below are some of their ballads that I really, really love listening to, because they are stress-relievers, I kid you not.

I’l start off with some of their solo works, as I feel that it would be a shame not including them here.

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