The worst sem ever~

All the ups and downs. I do not seem to have any motivation to do any work at all this semester. I guess is because I had too many commitments all along. Maybe letting go some might help. But deep down inside, I just do not feel like letting go any of my CCAs or external commitments as I enjoy being in all them. I think I could use the summer time to mull over it.


Well 3 Major things to sum up this semester…


Presentations and Project work

The first time i did a presentation to four audience. I also had people strolling into class while i was presenting. Haha!

Also had some group mate issues that is almost driving me up the wall, but i shall be calm. *breathe in, breathe out*


Social gatherings

Had more fun gatherings, esp. with the Socsc clique this year ((:


SICS Family

Lastly my SICS 6th MC (not the full group) who seems to be always there when I need someone to rant to. Opps! Smile with tongue out Hehe!

Amongst all the Excos that I have been a part of, they are the BEST ((: Best working style and best mix of personalities.

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