Yeah all presentations done. all reports done (or almost as i am waiting for my friend to vet my report)

Super happy (: cant wait to watch “G.I.Joe Retaliation” with Xin Ying as my reward for completing all the academics, except finals.


This particular semester, Year 2 Sem 2, has been a rather difficult one for me in SMU, so far~ really went through the ups and downs in life

  • CAT is a pain as I can’t seem to get a lot of things my prof taught until I went home and read the textbook again. I think I did badly for the quizzes, so i hope the group project will pull it up. It is the first time i faked the data and the problem for a project. scary sia~ I have no idea how to go into finals and do the test.
  • Sociology of Fads and Fashion is very challenge, but i enjoy the topics that Nick discussed. Especially the videos Smile with tongue out Also I think my FF group is the best group this sem. no need meet up so often can still get things done. Well i think Nick played so part. It is the first time i have to do a presentation with only 10 slides and in 7 mins. Level Up for me, man~ >.< In the end though i was the only one who presented while my group focus on getting the report done during my presentation. haha!
  • MPW. haix. few words. last min. control freak. hesitant. First time i got pissed at a group mate.
  • First time I had a mini breakdown and refused to work. not going into much details, but had a good talk with my parents and managed to get back on track with my work. So glad to have supportive parents-cum-friends Smile


Next to overcome is Finals and …

Summer~ Here I come!!~


Well, internship too Smile I believe I will enjoy it since it is Events. And a funny way of introducing my internship company …

Me: oh i am working in Events Company.

Friend: yeah i know is a events company, but the company name?

Me: Events Company? Events Company Staging Connections~

Friend: *dots*

Oh, and i am going to kope some free tickets from Zhuwei, if she can get some, because she is going to intern in Running Into The Sun! If SNSD is going to hold a concert this summer, i am going to beg Zhuwei to get me a ticket at a cheaper price Smile with tongue out hehe!

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