Apologises for the inappropriate beginning, but I just ended my last paper and it sucks like hell. worse paper I have taken. But who cares~, since I have finished it. It is SUMMER TIME ((:

I think my summer this year, as compared to last summerโ€™s OCSP cum iConserve 2012 cum SICS cum summer camps, is no less relaxing. Sometimes I think I over-committee but I donโ€™t regret it, not even one bit.

However this summer i took up things that are more taxing as they all need commitment over a long period of time. Letโ€™s seeโ€ฆ

1) SMU Challenge 2013: now till October โ€˜13

2) Internship at Events Company: 2nd May till 2nd August

3) MOE GIFT programme 2013: now till 9th Sept

4) Camp Majulah (with Positive Intentions): now till Aug 2015

I hope by doing so, i can train myself to be able to endure and not give up so easily. I can do it ((: but โ€ฆ

for now, i shall enjoy Running Man and shopping and drinking ((: hehe ^^

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