After interning for a week, I start to realise that I do not like working out of a school environment. I need to be able move around and not feel that my every move is being watched. I do love planning events, but I guess I am only interested in a few types of events. Though I really dislike, maybe even hate, red-tapes, I actually prefer to work in a school environment. It just gives me a sense of security, unlike companies outside.

I will definitely treasure all the experience I can get from my internship(s) and part-time work, after I graduate, before I join C4SR. (only if Emily can make it work). If I can not join C4SR, I will look for some childcare centres or NGOs to work in. However, if that happens I guess I need to look into, “what is my expertise exactly?”.


In the meantime, I shall focus on giving my best for my internship. Who does not need a good appraisal for the future. (:


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