I <3 my SICS 6th MC

Though we made a lot of changes that would result in us getting questioned, we still bravely made the move now. I know it is not the end of the year yet, but i really want to thank my dear 6th MC for all the hard work they put in to learn the ropes within a month and give quality work for the months to come.

I generally hear people saying that we do too much, or we doΒ unnecessaryΒ stuff, or we have too much paperwork compared to the last batch (which I am inside too). I am glad that half of the clubs in SICS can see from our point of view as to way we are doing all this and rushing everything in the start. I credit all this hard work to the LDs, who oversee all the clubs with my other VP and me, and the MC members who are friends with various Club Exco members and can talk some sense into their friends!

Well we are not sure whether all our new initiatives, like SICS week and website will be successful, but at least we tried! Jia you everyone! We are half way through our term of office. Going to handover soon(:


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