The one department that I fear to enter :P

If you know me well, then i bet you can answer this question (: The one department that i fear to enter in the most is none other than … Marketing/Creative Department!!

OMG! i nearly died of a heart attack when i got the task by Creative Head to come up with the logo, stage layout, etc. Lucky thing is that we could use pictures found from Google and other websites. So we do not really have to draw from scratch. But then I came across something… MOOD-BOARD! Β What is that? I know what a storyboard is… but mood-board? Even though the Creative Head told us that we are supposed to put down how the event is supposed to look and feel. I still have ZERO clue on what I am suppose to put on the mood-board.

Seriously! if You just ask me to comment or verbally describe how I think the event would be like, I can still do that. Even if you ask me to draw the rough sketch of how the layout should be, I will be drawing boxes and arrows accompanied with a lot of text. Actually that’s what I am doing now for my Β presentation later. Hope my Heads will understand what I am trying to say πŸ˜›


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