Another packed summer and I’m lovin’ it (:

This is part and parcel of “Januavi’s life”. Well it is my life πŸ˜›

However I must admit that internship did somewhat made me focus on one thing, or two at a time, rather then trying to juggle multiple roles at the same time. Especially with the upcoming one-month long intern/part-time job which ends the day before school starts. It is also my first time doing a customer service jobs and interacting with tourists and members of the public.

But how can I complain when it is “almost” like what I wish to do.

It is not a desk bound job.

It has elements of events planning or events management in it.

I get to interact with a lot, and I do mean A LOT, of people.

Only bad thing is that it is every single day >.<

My multiple USS trips over the weekends in August (before school starts) is now gone. Have to wait till school starts before I can go on multiple trips to USS.

On a side note! I wish that I can get the mods that I want!! PRETTY PLEASE (: