Reason for 7pm class


Prof: for students who do internship in the dayโ€ฆ most students in the last year tend to do internships during the day.

so this class is more for year 4s >.< oh man. 1/3 of the class is exchange. both my management mod is mostly exchange students!! hopefully is the good exchange students, at least will do the work given to them ((:

2nd week of school: excited but still not in study mood yet :P


2nd week  back in school after my 3 month plus stint in TECSC. It feels good to be back! Though I am still not into the study mode yet, but I am more determined to study this sem (partly because of my modules and for my exchange).

First week of school had mixed feelings. Unsure, because I was rarely in school the whole summer. Excited, because I missed school and being able to have time to go out with friends, other than on weekends. Tired, though it is only the first week only but filled with booth duty, outings and having my 21st Birthday Party.

Well as usual, let me give a summary of my first week back in sch >>


Had lunch with my BFF/Not-so-close friend at Dean & Deluca. We ordered โ€œBerries and Flap Jacksโ€ but it was too much for a one personโ€™s serving ๐Ÿ˜› We had to pack the pancakes, but I ended giving my pancakes to Challenge booth people since they had not eaten their lunch.

Had my first lesson of the Semester: Deconstructing Singapore Society. I feel the lesson helps me to learn more about Singapore, the laws, political scene, etc.. So I donโ€™t think I will drop the class. But I must admit that I think we are walking on thin lines >.<


First time I kept hearing a prof asking his students to drop his class, but it was all for good intentions. We are going to work in groups often and have fieldtrips to polyclinic to work on improving patient experience.

Tuesday is also my most free day. 1 morning class and I can head home to rest le !!

Met up with T17 girls, like a finally ((: the topics we talk about really changed over the years. We went The Coffee Daily, which only had nice coffee  and not much food. Since it is near my house, I might head there often for <alone> time. haix 1 evening was not enough for us , or more for me, to catch up with the rest, especially when they are mostly all in NUS.


My 21st Birthday!!!

woke up and immediately packed my stuff for the chalet then drove down (: Once there, we started the decorations with my auntโ€™s beautician (but sadly I do not have the photos of that with me now. It was good to have everyone there but i barely had time to entertain everyone. Appreciative that my friends still enjoy the company, food and my cake!!! Picture coming up ((:

 2013-08-23 14.17.28 The Beautician made two lovely bouquets for Sam and me ((:

  IMG-20130823-WA0005 My 21st Birthday cake!! Winnie the Pooh(:

 2013-08-24 11.48.05 Presents from Valerie, Fiona and Lixia (who is currently on exchange). Super thankful to theses girls for being there since secondary school, even though I often cant meet up with them due to my involvement in school activities. I promise that i will spend more time with you girls, especially after I end my term of office!! 2013-08-24 11.50.52 Presents from T17. Missed the times when we sit together at one table on the canteen and just gossip the day away. All the fun memories the T17 had provided me with are irreplaceable. We often have study group at NLB or Macs, and aso stayed back for the Night study sessions. Huiyi Lee, I still remember we tried to catch the same bus to go to Changi Airport to study, but i donโ€™t rmb us succeeding even once ๐Ÿ˜›

2013-08-24 11.52.29Presents from 5th SICS MC and Chieh Ming One of the first group of friends I had during my University Year 1. You guys have provided listening ear to my troubles and provided a lot of advice for me.  Look forward to more gatherings!!

2013-08-24 11.49.50Present from 6th SICS MC and SOCSC friends. Super touched by your messages!! To 6th SICS MC: we are almost at the end le! Last stretch left to go ๐Ÿ˜› Really thankful for all the effort that you all have put in for your duties and planning our SICS events. To SOCSC group: I missed the fun times we had during Socsc camp last summer!! but the $55 dollar shorts can not be framed up lah:P haha! looking forward to more BBQ gathering((:

 2013-08-24 11.46.03Present from SMU Challenge 2013 team Too white le! I scared dirty hahaha >.< Okie I will wear it everyday, starting from today. Thanks to you all for stepping up into the various roles and making this journey enjoyable ((:

2013-08-24 12.02.13Present from Alicia and Benjamin Thank you for coming down!!! Thank you for the sweet treats. We should meet up other than for SICS stuff ((:

Girls & Peace 2013! Yeah ((:

Omg 2nd SNSD tour in Singapore! I want go, but it would mean that I need to being my sis there. But I scare it is her exam period.ย  Haha this shows how much I am out of touch with the primary school and secondary school academic calendar >.<

Plus tickets are 100 plus. If I buy for Sam too, that would be around 400 plus!!ย  plus the merchandise too *faints*

Haix… But I guess final decision lies with my mum and I doubt she will let Sam go ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Exchange @ Pusan ((:

Yeah! Got my first choice ((: super excited.

My friends already have plans for travelling to Japan (by train from Busan) and backpacking from Busan to Seoul at the end of the term.

Gwen mentioned that she will join me for a month in Seoul.during summer next year!!ย 

But feel bad to the next batch VPs as both VPs are going exchange ๐Ÿ˜› at least we got the first two months to guide them still, hope it is enough.