Undercover Boss

Okie I must declare that I want to believe 100% in everything that happen in the show and that is it for real, but in reality it is a show and so it is in a particular context.



I literally cry at the end of each episode.

but right now i am in SMU libraryโ€ฆ so i need to hold back the emotions. so tough ><

I am not sure if it is a plot by the production team to pick certain people who have financial-related issues. I mean there is at least 2 out of 3 which have some financial burden.

Secretly i wish that could happen to me, but then again I lead a more blissful life as compared to the people on the show.

However one point to note is that the production team did show a mix of different kind of people. There are super kind of people and super rude people. The most significant one is Jacqueline from S04E14 & S04E16. I cant believe she is a family and childcare major with very bad customer service, but at least she realise some things are wrong and did rectify it. at least what I can see from the show.

it just showed me how real the future is and how thankful I should be being in Singapore.

Am I blessed?

From young, I have always gotten what I wanted. Of course within purchasing means. I do not have excellence grades in academics. I have, what my mum always says, โ€œstock marketโ€ grades but does not go below the passing mark. I am perfectly fine  with the grades that I get at national examination and happy that I got into the schools that I wanted (top 3 choices). However I must admit that I do worry that I might not get a better-than-decent paying job that can help to take some burden of my parents and relatives. My dream job is to work in social sector, being a counsellor or organising community work. I can do it for the rest of my life!

But i think in reality โ€ฆ it is really hard. People might think that I am just using my sisterโ€™s education fees and my loans as an excuse that I would need to get a high paying job to cover the expenses before getting started on what I want to do. I feel as long as I know why I am doing it this way and how I am doing it, I donโ€™t have to care about what others say. I agree that I am a tiny bit naive and think only the best of all situations, but why complicate matters? I really want a simple life and not having to plot or manipulate others to achieve my goal.

I think my family also makes thing really easy for me by helping out in all possible means. When I need someone to vet my emails or speeches, my mum and dad would always put down whatever they are doing and help me out. My aunts and uncles would help me when i need a vehicle for traveling or getting certain contacts for my projects. My sister is always really to come and help me whenever I need an extra helping hand for my projects. My cousins just seem to have the solutions or alternatives to my problems. Though my grandma is not able to help physically, but she gives me a lot of moral support (without her even knowing) as I see how concerned she is with everything that happens in the whole family, big or small.

I am really thankful and feel extremely blessed. I know that I am extremely short-tempered to them and yet they are still willing to forget it and help me. I think shot-temperedness runs in the females in my family. FORGIVE AND FORGET. The main principle I live by. It is helps makes life simple and more enjoyable. I believe my family live my the same principle. I will always remember how my cousin, my sister and I will fight, and within the next minute we will behave like nothing happened at all.

On a side note, I constantly feel a need to behave differently when I am with my family and when I am with my friends. Over the years, I realise that I only show my short-temperedness or rant excessively to people who I feel really really close to and even comfortable to share secrets that I keep bottled up. I become very aware of that I need a lot, and I do mean a lot, of emotional support to feel comfortable in a relationship. I think i start to use this as a gauge on how much i value the relationship. I do hope the person on the receiving end is not irritated.

11 out 13 … Jan, you are almost there! (:

It is week 11. Just left with presentations, a few reports and finals to go. I am super happy. I believe can maintain GPA, so not too worried about that. Just waiting for my long awaited break ๐Ÿ˜› Ahh ~ December to February (: But of course, I can not slack the whole time so I need to try to get a part-time job in January. Just earn some quick cash for my own usage.


Also, my term of office is ending ^^

Finally, after 2 years ~  can rest and do what i really want. just pure community service work ((: not so taxing on my poor brain.