Undercover Boss

Okie I must declare that I want to believe 100% in everything that happen in the show and that is it for real, but in reality it is a show and so it is in a particular context.



I literally cry at the end of each episode.

but right now i am in SMU library… so i need to hold back the emotions. so tough ><

I am not sure if it is a plot by the production team to pick certain people who have financial-related issues. I mean there is at least 2 out of 3 which have some financial burden.

Secretly i wish that could happen to me, but then again I lead a more blissful life as compared to the people on the show.

However one point to note is that the production team did show a mix of different kind of people. There are super kind of people and super rude people. The most significant one is Jacqueline from S04E14 & S04E16. I cant believe she is a family and childcare major with very bad customer service, but at least she realise some things are wrong and did rectify it. at least what I can see from the show.

it just showed me how real the future is and how thankful I should be being in Singapore.


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