Disney Princesses <3

OMG! Disney has 11 princesses now >.<

Well Xinmsn has done a wonderful favour of posting about each princesses. Now I shall ranked them (:


Ranked: No. 11


Pocahontas – Pocahontas (1995)

A fairy tale based on fact, Pocahontas is the first Disney feature to take its basis from real world events – albeit with a healthy dose of poetic licence.

Remarks from XinMSN

Why she’s great: The film itself might be fatally flawed but the same isn’t true of its titular heroine; a do-gooder whose heart of gold ranks her amongst Disney’s most likeable princesses.

Why she’s not: It’s not really the character’s fault, but Pocahontas the film is at worst damagingly stereotypical and at best just plain bad.


Ranked: No. 10


Jasmine – Aladdin (1992)

Sure Robin Williams’ genie is the standout star of this comic cartoon caper, but Princess Jasmine follows as a close second.

Remarks from XinMSN

Why she’s great: With perhaps the best pipes of any Disney Ppincess, Jasmine lucks out with some of the best songs to grace a House of Mouse movie.

Why she’s not: She’s all too easily impressed by a man with a flying carpet. But then again who wouldn’t be?\


Ranked: No 9


Merida – Brave (2012)

The most recent addition to the Disney lineage, Merida is the star of Brave, the Oscar winning Pixar production that finally proved modern 3D animation could replicate the charm of the hand-drawn classics many of us grew up upon.

Remarks from XinMSN

Why she’s great: Merida is a very modern Princess. Headstrong and handy with a bow and arrow, she’s the animated equivalent of Katniss Everdeen only without the dystopian future.

Why she’s not: How many other member’s of Disney’s crown-clad sorority have turned their mothers into bears with enchanted cakes?


Ranked: No. 8


Tiana – The Princess and the Frog (2009)

Featuring Disney’s first African-American princess, The Princess and the Frog saw the company go back to its hand-drawn roots for a film that mixed old and new in equal measure. The end result was a recipe for success that cooked up a holiday hit and gave birth to one of the most memorable additions to Disney’s pantheon of princesses.

Remarks from XinMSN

Why she’s great: She’s not just a ground-breaking character, but a likeable one too. A hard-working heroine with a heart of gold who’ll let nothing, not even being turned into a frog, stand in the way of her opening her own restaurant.

Why she’s not: She gets turned into a frog, an actual frog. Yuck.


Ranked: No. 7


Snow White – Snow White (1937)

The grand old lady of Disney Princesses is still one of the company’s most famous faces, even though it’s been more than 75 years after she first hit our screens.

Remarks from XinMSN

Why she’s great: Well she is the fairest in the land, but looks aside Snow’s got to be one of the most sweet-natured princesses to come off of the Disney production line.

Why she’s not: The film is horribly dated by today’s standards; that’s not Snow’s fault of course, but the fact she spends much of the movie waiting around to be saved by her Prince Charming is.


Ranked: No. 6


Aurora – Sleeping Beauty (1959)

The titular cat-napper from this iconic ‘50s flick is a staple of Disney’s marketing machine, a familiar face that’s featured on everything from theme-park parades to lunchboxes. She’s also one of the most-loved, presumably thanks to the fact that at some point or other we were all sat down in front of the film to give our parents some much needed respite.

Remarks from XinMSN

Why she’s great: Flowing ball gowns, impeccable locks and a prince (Philip, to be exact) in waiting; Aurora ticks every box on your Disney Princess wish list.

Why she’s not: She’s perhaps the most passive Princess to ever feature in one of the House of Mouse’s films.


Ranked: No. 5


Mulan – Mulan (1998)

The warrior Princess of the Disney dynasty, Mulan is based on the Chinese legend of the same name and revolves around the titular character as she disguises herself and heads to war in order to save her ageing father from certain death at the hands of the Hun army.

Remarks from XinMSN

Why she’s great: A woman of action, Mulan kicks ass and takes names; opting to don a suit of armour and a sword rather than the flowing ball gown that’s de rigueur for Disney Princesses.

Why she’s not: Any film in which an Eddie Murphy-voiced dragon is the main attraction is a bad film. Sorry Mulan.


Ranked: No. 4


Rapunzel – Tangled (2010)

Another recent addition to the cartoon canon, Rapunzel stole audiences’ hearts when she hit cinemas in 2010.

Remarks from XinMSN

Why she’s great: Rapunzel isn’t just beautiful; she’s brave, resourceful and can do all sorts of imaginative things with her hair. What’s not to like?

Why she’s not: Unlike her rivals, Rapunzel’s not exactly blessed with a hit parade of great songs; which is a shame given that Mandy Moore had been cast to bring the character to life.


Ranked: No. 3


Ariel – The Little Mermaid (1989)

Ariel carried Disney’s hopes on her shoulders back in 1989 when The Little Mermaid helped to breathe new life into the company’s fortunes after a string of commercial and critical flops.

Remarks from XinMSN

Why she’s great: Half woman, half fish, Ariel is every inch an iconic princess and one of Disney’s most popular characters. It’s easy to see why of course. After all, it’s impossible not to like someone who’s friends with a Rastafarian crab.

Why she’s not: If we’re being completely honest here, Ariel is a bit of an idiot; but at least she’s a loveable one.


Ranked: No. 2


Belle – Beauty and the Beast (1991)

The bookish beauty from this early nineties classic is regularly ranked amongst fans’ favourite Disney characters.

Remarks from XinMSN

Why she’s great: It’s easy to fall for Prince Charming, but so much harder when he’s a fuzz covered monster with horns, a tale and a raging temper.

Why she’s not: Naysayers might point to suspicions of Stockholm Syndrome when it comes Belle’s story, but for us she’s amongst the most magical of Disney’s Princesses.


Ranked: No. 1


Cinderella – Cinderella  (1950)

Another of Disney’s big hitters, Cinderella is a classic rags to riches tale that’s still wowing film fans more than 60 years after it first hit theatres.

Remarks from XinMSN

Why she’s great: She cooks, she cleans, she dazzles, she dances, she’s kind-hearted; whether she’s a Princess or a pauper you’ve got to try very hard not to like Cinders.

Why she’s not: Her taste in the kind of impractical footwear you’d usually find Carrie Bradshaw donning leaves a lot to be desired.


The newest addition is “Frozen”, Queen Elsa and Princess Anna ❤ The show is worth watching!