(Travelling) Day one – 22nd February

I couldn’t sleep on plane, so I decided to just rest my eyes and watch movies occasionally.

I was super excited after I got off the plane because … I AM FINALLY IN KOREA ❤

But … my luggage base was spoilt so I got 30,000 refund from Korea Air. However I didn’t manage to get the paper so I can’t claim my insurance. Despite the luggage being spoilt, we dragged the luggage from Airport to Seoul Station and then through 4 fleets of stairs to get to the Metro. I accidentally entered another cabin in the Metro as everywhere was full. Thankfully I remembered the station that Doreen said we should get down from. *phew* But we got lost on the streets trying to find the apartment. Luckily a uncle and a delivery guy helped us to find the exact location of Bethel Hostel.

We had lunch at nearby eatery, which we can foresee ourselves eating there often. After which, we went to E-mart to shop for groceries for the Seoul apartment and I got my new luggage. After we made our payment then we realised that we need to pay for paper/plastic bags. If not, we will need to bring our own bags or use the cardboard boxes to bring our stuff back.

We went to Starbucks to have a short rest and I drank my first Starbucks drink! Cherry Blossom White Chocolate. We were so tired from our flight to Seoul, that we nearly slept at the Starbucks café. So we decided to start heading back and unpack our clothes.


We unpacked and bathed. Then went down at around 12am (Seoul timing) to pick Rynn up. When we walked out of the apartment, it was so so cold! -1 degree celsius >< We bought ramen back for dinner and slept soon after as we had to travel to Daegu the next day.


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