(Travelling) Day two – 23rd February

We woke up early and took the KTX to Dongdaegu. We tried to find our way to Daegu Opera House but we got lost again.  We asked 2 ahjummas for directions but they told us that only children visit that place. Then a young couple with a small kid was walking back to their car and the ahjummas asked them to help us. In the end, the couple gave us a ride to the Opera house ^^


We watched Junsu’s musical, December. Though it was a Korean story and not an International musical, we still managed to understand the storyline. Junsu was good (Y) Daebak!



We walked all the way from Daegu Opera House to Daegu Subway Station. We wanted to take the earliest KT back but the seats were sold out. Hence we had to stand for the entire 2 hour journey back to Seoul.1798705_10152240616253291_825333012_n

We met Rynn for dinner at Seoul station, but it was not worth the money lor. After that we went to Faceshop and I bought some nail polish. We went home and I managed to Skype my family.


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