(Travelling) Day eight – 1st March

I caught a cold, as I didn’t know how to operate the heater properly. Wei Fang arrived at Busan airport at around 9plus and she called me using someone else’s number. I nearly got a shock as I was half-asleep, but it was because she didn’t have roaming for Singtel. I only woke up when Wei Fang arrived at 12pm 😛

As we didn’t buy lunch from dorm, so we took a bus to the PNU subway. We walked around to find lunch and we just couldn’t find one. So when we found a BBQ chicken store, we just went in and order lunch.

Wei Fang and I went to Homeplus to shop for groceries for our dorm. We bumped into the rest when we were there. We bought so many stuff, like 3 bags of stuff, tissues boxes and a box of ramen cups. We cabbed back from Homeplus to the dorm. It was really cheap, only 36000 won. Then we eat the dinner at our dorm. It was decent and I can foresee myself eating breakfast and dinner at the dorm often to save money (:




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