(Travelling) Day nine – 2nd March

Had the dorm breakfast and it was good too. We walked around school to familiarise ourselves. However the map that PNU gave us during orientation didn’t have the Global Studies building as it was a new building. I had to kaokaotalk my buddy to ask her where it was, because we were walking around to find the building. The Global Studies building is so different from the rest, it looked like SMU’s building. okie almost.


The social sciences building is really beautiful. Maybe during Spring and Summer I can study at the benches there. But now … the wind is too strong 😛


The rest went back because they had dorm lunch, so Wei Fang and I walked around school and found a hair salon. I permed my hair again and cut my fringe. I had some difficulties telling her to cut side fringe for me so I just pointed to her fringe which was bangs! Hahaha (:


After that we waited for Sim Ai and Sing Yee and tried to find Jisung plaza, but ended up walking to the streets nearer to PNU subway. We bought the stuff that we needed then walked all the way back to our dorm. The toughest walk so far! I forgot count the distance haha ><

On the good side, I managed to packed my stuff on in my dorm.



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