(Travelling) Day seven – 28th February

Our first proper day in PNU!

We headed to the streets outside the main gate to walk around and familiarise myself with the place. We were very hungry, so we just pop by the first café that we saw and had Army Stew. OMG! Army Stew was a lot!! Super huge pot 😛


After that we walked around to find Lan cable and power adapter. As there was still time, we went to Coffee Bean to rest. I also went to Etude House to buy my cotton puff, so that I can finally clean my nail polish off. We headed back to PNU Main building for Exchange Student Orientation.

I got to meet my buddy and my buddy group after the orientation. There is 3 Singaporeans in my group but I am the only one from SMU. I was sad at first but made friends with the rest of the people by the end of the day. They bought us to dinner at a Bibimbap restaurant, then we went to a café for a drink.


Some of us went for the party organised for the exchange students and PNU students. Only Siew Yee and Samantha went to the party. To me, I think SMU parties more happening. I got bored and we left soon after.


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