(Travelling) Day six – 27th February

I left the Seoul apartment at 10.45am as we were meeting at Seoul Station at 11.30am for our KTX to Busan.



I brought Kimbap for my lunch on the KTX. We met Nat’s buddy at Busan Station and his friend and him helped bring us to Pusan National University. We took the subway, then took Bus 7 that operates from PNU Subway to PNU and within PNU. We alighted at the nearest bus stop, but we had to climb the slope up to Woongbee dorm.1618572_10152254108343291_564605172_n




We rested for about an hour, then we headed out for dinner. We just walked down the road and ended at North gate. We were all hungry so we just choose the first shop we saw. After that, we walked around to find groceries shop. We found a mini-mart shop at the shop houses, but sometime after that we managed to find our way to NC department store (right beside PNU main gate).

We bought quite a lot of stuff so we wanted to cab up to our dorm but there was no cab in sight. In the end, Weiqi asked the police for help to call 2 cabs for us. ^^



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