[School] Week one – 3rd to 6th March

Start of classes!! Super excited though I am an exchange student and should be slacking 😛 hahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahhhahahhaha

My essentials for my exchange studies ^^


I got the mods I wanted. So happy! I did dropped one class, Reading British & American Poetry, because the prof was speaking Korean 90%. She also asked the students to translate in Korean and explain what it mean during the next lesson. I decided to drop it as I can follow the class at all. I signed up for Business history which is really easy.

I am taking a module about Society in Film and Literature and this semester it is about Shakespeare. The prof was pretty harsh at first, but it was for the Korean students’ good. He wrote this message on the board on the 2nd class.

“This class is IN English. This class is NOT AN English class. If you cannot tell the difference you need to leave the class.”

I totally understand because even me, who speaks English as my first language, cannot understand Shakespeare’s English properly. And this prof remove the essays as there is too many students in the class for him to grade.

So my final timetable is






9am – 10.15am

Global Social Inequalities

Global Social Inequalities

10.30am – 11.45pm



12pm – 1.15pm

1.30pm – 2.45pm

Society in Film & Literature

Business History

Society in Film & Literature

Business History

3pm – 4.15pm

4.30pm – 5.45pm

G2: US/G2: China

G2: US/G2: China

One thing I learned about the students here is that most of them buy their textbooks and normally buys it first-hand. Wei Fang searched for most her textbooks and thankfully she found it. The textbooks here are super expensive. I bought one Sociology textbook and it is 46,600 won = 50+ SGD. Had to buy the course pack for 2 of my courses, printed a 500 + textbook and 3 books (Romeo & Juliet, Macbeth and King Lear).  Photocopy and printing is so much cheaper here. Now I am contemplating whether to ship this stuff back ><

Oh I also did my laundry le!! not bad, not too difficult 😛 but i think really need use dryer. takes 3 days to dry if I hang in this weather ><



As I am heading back next weekend (14th – 16th March) to try to get into the music show for SNSD comeback, I brought SNSD’s Mr.Mr  ❤





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