[School] Week one – 7th March Friday

Was busy settling all the documents for exchange in Korea. I managed to open my bank account at Hana Bank today, but I need my Alien Registration card to be able to apply for Internet Banking. After that I had 4 hours to spend with my buddy, so we went for lunch and lotte department store. We walked around and sat at a cafe to chat too but there was still a lot of time to kill.

In the end, we walked all the way back to Pusan National University ( 2 subway station distance) along the pavement that will have cherry blossom in late march (: I bought another blue backpack today at 20,000 won. Super cheap and Big!! I previously bought a orange backpack but was a bit small and only suited to carry on small outings.


We went to settle the Alien Registration card in the evening at Napo area. Then my group went dinner with Wei Fang’s group at ‘Seoga & Cook’ at the Napo streets. Super big serving ❀ We nearly couldn’t finish the dinner πŸ˜› After that we walked around the streets and found a super huge Diaso store there. There was 3 floors!! bought more hangers and facial wipes. I also bought a cute shirt at Napo @ 10,000 won^^ The orange shirt i bought along the streets near PNU @ 5000 won


Ohoh my buddy and I were talking about the school fees in Singapore and Busan. Woah big difference!
SMU – 35,000,000+ won
PNU – 12,000,000 won
Both for four years. No wonder they think the dorm fee is very expensive while we Singaporeans think it is cheap and affordable for the period of 16 weeks (:


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